The Extra Layer Of
Security You Need

We believe in a world where you are free to make any online purchase without the fear of being scammed or treated poorly.

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Start using Hold-It in four simple steps


Create An Account With Your Phone Number

Download the app from your app store. Create An Account With Phone Number & Verify Number With OTP


Initiate a HOLD request

Client provides transaction details (ie destination number, amount etc) and makes payment through our escrow service


A Secure Hold Initiated and The Vendor is Notified

After you make payment, a secure escrow service is initiated to hold your money. The vendor (destination number) is notified of this transaction via sms and is given a secure 4-digit code to be shared with you afterwards in order to receive funds. NB: This is to give the vendor some assurance while protecting you.


Time To Release Funds!

After a successful transaction, kindly input the 4-digit code provided to release funds to the vendor.

It's time to say
Goodbye to scammers

HOLD-IT eliminates the fear and risk that comes with engaging with any business online by acting as a neutral third-party to secure the transaction for everyone involved.

This means you don’t have to worry about being scammed or treated poorly. You now have the confidence to buy and sell with anyone, anywhere – with virtually zero risk.